A consolidated view of financial products

An efficient information gathering process

Through the Astute Consolidated Client Portfolio service, a financial advisor instantaneously receives a single view of a client’s insurance portfolio across various Financial Institutions, saving costs and drastically shortening the time of information gathering. Financial Needs Analysis software applications can directly integrate to import data, further increasing efficiencies during the needs analysis process.

Real Time Data

Direct Integration points to over 20 Content Providers and growing.  

Diverse Product Sets

Products offered via the CCP service include whole life, endowment, retirement annuity, term assurance,other annuities and income protection policies, unit trust, and linked investment products.

Integrated FNA

Direct integrations to Financial Needs Analysis systems.

High Volume Solutions

Monthly High-Volume Customer portfolio data feeds to remain on top of customer trends and changes.

Service and Integration Options

Astute Online (AOL) Front-end as a single transaction.
Back-end integration to FNA or High-Volume integrations.

CCP Subscription

Billed monthly in advance with a minimum of 20 transactions, excess transactions billed in arrears.

South Africa

Monthly connection fee
R 43.54

Band A
20 – 4499
R 21.88

Band B
4 500 – 11 999
R 17.31

Band C
12 000 – 50 000
R 14.72

Band D
>50 000
Price on application


Monthly connection fee
R 47.36

Band I
20 – 4 499
R 17.31

Band J
4 500 – 11 999
R 17.31

Band K
12 000 – 50 000
R 14.72

CCP Client Not Found (CNF)

50% of Transaction Price

Employee Benefit

Any Volume
R 4.70
Billed from CCP Subscription, billed in arrears

Prices Exclude VAT

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